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We haven’t really done too much while here in McAllen. We did go to Hooters to watch the UT game. We ended up leaving early and watched the rest of the game at home! UT won, so that was good!

We also ate some really good tamales. I’m not sure where they came from, but they were delicious. I had never had cream cheese, jalapeno tamales before. I hope I can find some in Austin.

Today we are supposed to go to Mexico. I’m super excited because this is the first thing this weekend that we are doing that I want to do! I haven’t been to a border town in years. This should be interesting! 🙂



Yesterday, we flew to McAllen to see my husband’s cousin, wife and baby. We flew Southwest because my sister-in-law gave us free tickets. I haven’t flown Southwest in a long time. They do a cattle call type seating arrangement. Noone knows where they’re going to sit until they get on the plane. We were second to last getting on the plane, so I didn’t think I would even get to sit with my husband much less get a good seat! Well, we’re walking down the aisle and I see two empty seats down the way. I begin thinking about knocking down the people in front of me to get to the seats before them. But, I don’t have to. Noone picks these seats. As I get closer, I realize that they are EXIT seats! YIPPPEEEE!! Not only do we get to sit together, we get lots of legroom! The flight was kind of turbulent, but we got here safely!

Last night we went to eat at Outback Steakhouse. It was ok. It was fun just being with family! 🙂


Well, it wasn’t easy, but I got DSW to return all my stuff and then I rebought it. Then I added another pair of shoes and a purse with the money that I saved! The manager was not very happy with me, but he let me do it. The girl who waited on me was very nice and helpful and not at all annoyed. I appreciated her wonderful service!!


Well, I got an email today saying that DSW has a 50% off clearance sale today. After I went and spent all that money yesterday at only 30%. I’m going to go try and get some money back. I’m so annoyed with them. It would be one thing if a couple of days had passed, but it was YESTERDAY! I haven’t even had a chance to wear any of the shoes! – Well, that’s not really true. I wore the skull and crossbones one to the mall. Either way, I want some of my money back so I can buy the one pair that I put back!!!

Barton Creek Mall

We went to see a movie yesterday at Barton Creek Mall. We went there about two hours early so we could eat first. There are only two sit down restaurants at that mall. I’m used to running out to North Park in Dallas, where there’s a restaurant on just about any corner. Well, there are two at Barton Creek. You have your choice between California Pizza and Nordstrums Bistro. Both of them were crowded, but we opted for the pizza. While we waited, we did a little mall walking. It was fun.

After eating we went to see the movie at the theater in the mall. It’s an AMC theater, which is probably my favorite. They have good seats at the AMC’s and they are stadium-style seating. We saw The Good Shepherd, with just about every star imaginable. Even with all that star power, it really wasn’t that great of a movie. It could have been. It just has a weak story-line.

Either way, I had a great time wasting the day away with my husband. We don’t get many opportunities like that. Usually, we’re both on the go!


I love after Christmas sales! Since I didn’t go to DSW the other day for the triple points, I decided to check them out today. WOOHOO!! They were having 30% off their CLEARANCE prices! I went wild! I bought 3 pairs of shoes and 2 BCBG purses.


We spent the better part of yesterday going through model homes to get ideas for backyard landscaping. My husband really wants to have a nice patio in our new backyard. My in-laws gave us money to either do a patio or get something else that is needed. (I think we need a kitchen table, but what do I know!) We saw some nice yards, but I don’t think any of them really go with our backyard. If we have to have some kind of deck, I prefer the ones made out of large stone or slate though.


It’s getting really close to New Year’s, so that means it’s time to start planning our Resolutions! As usual, my plan is to lose weight. I went out and bought an exercise ball. I went to a trainer that had me do some exercises with an exercise ball that were not too hard to do. I found a whole set with a ball, band and some waist belt thing at TJ Maxx while I was in Dallas.

Yesterday seemed like a great time to get it out and blow it up. I spent a whole lot of time blowing it up and when I took the pump out, the air went out with it. For some reason, they forgot to pack the plug in there. So, we went to the TJ Maxx on Great Hills and exchanged it for a good one.

I got the thing blown up now, so I guess I should use it.


I went back to Halcyon, on 4th street, for a cup of coffee today. It’s a lot better than I had originally remembered it. It’s on the corner of one of those older warehouse style buildings and some of the walls are exposed brick. The other walls have artistic photography that you can buy, if you like that sort of thing.

I ordered a carmel latte, as usual. Pretty much that is what I order at all coffee shops. This one was excellent. Not bitter and just the right amount of sweet. I also ordered a sausage, egg and cheese panini for breakfast. It was delicious!

They have free wireless internet, which is always a plus. My friend “Natalia” brought her laptop and we spent an inordinate amount of time pouring through the ridiculous websites that are out there. Plus, she brought pictures from her trip, where she ruined Xmas for her friend Buddy! LOL!

The worst part of Halcyon is the parking. I thought I had gotten lucky when I parked right out front. But it turned out to be an expensive parking space, as I was ticketed for going over the 15 minutes of allotted parking time! BOO!

Blog Features

I have been updating some of my blog features. I’m still in the learning stages of blogging. The newest feature is that you can subscribe to get my blog postings directly to your email. You can do this by subscribing to my blog through feedblitz. The location of the subscribe button is on the right of my blog where it has a space to put your email address and then hit subscribe me. This way you don’t have to go to the feeds just to read the blog. Of course, there are several feeds you can continue to subscribe to as well.

I have really enjoyed blogging. If anyone has any suggestion for blog ideas or anything else that is helpful, make sure to comment! 🙂

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