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Since we moved to Austin, my husband has been wanting to go to Romeo’s on Barton Springs. So, what do I do? I go there on Wednesday’s snow day with my friend Natalia. Now you may be wondering what I was doing at an Italian restaurant on Chopsticks Wednesday, but there is no need to worry! As you can see from the picture, I brought my own!
I got the eggplant parmesan and Natalia got the tortellini. They were both delicious. The worst part of the meal was trying to eat with the chopsticks! đŸ™‚ I had to use one stick to stab the food so I could cut the eggplant. It was really quite amusing. My salad eating was kind of funny too! But, once I got into the rhythm of the chopsticks, I was pretty good!
Even though there weren’t many people there, the service wasn’t very good. Maybe she was scared to come and serve us since we were both sitting there eating with chopsticks instead of traditional forks!

Chopstick Wednesday Reminder

Even though we are having another snow day, we still have Chopstick Wednesday to look forward to!

Chopsticks Wednesday!

I feel compelled to remind everyone that tomorrow is Chopsticks Wednesday! What will you be eating with your chopsticks? I will probably be figuring out a way to eat a Lean Cuisine with mine!

If you haven’t joined the group yet, you can find the invite in my previous posts about Chopsticks Wednesday! Join today, it’s not too late!

Pei Wei

As much as I like to spread the word about Chopsticks Wednesday, I have to admit that I’m not really a fully practicing member. Usually, I forget or just figure it’s too much work. I’m really not very good at eating with chopsticks. However, with the New Year and all, I figured it was time to turn over a new leaf. While I was at the airport on Monday, I chose to eat Chinese food and I thought I’d try the chopsticks, even though it wasn’t a Wednesday. I was amazed at how much better I had gotten with them.

So today, given a choice to eat at Chipotle or Pei Wei’s, I jumped at the opportunity to show off my new skills! We ate at Pei Wei’s over on Parmer. I ordered the orange beef, which is my favorite. As usual, it was really delicious and I proceeded to pig out! I have to admit, that as far a chain restaurants go, Pei Wei’s is one of the best!

I went with three other converts and we all enjoyed eating our food with their wooden chopsticks. We are all at varying levels of expertise with the chopsticks, but none of us went home hungry! We had a great time taking pictures of ourselves, so we could post them on the group site, to prove that we are participating in our newest low pressure weekly holiday!

Chopsticks Wednesday

I wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is Chopsticks Wednesday. In case you don’t remember, you only eat with your chopsticks on Chopsticks Wednesdays. Makes sense, right?

If you want to make this fun, you can post what you ate with your chopsticks in the comments section of this blog. You can also join the group of chopsticks fanatics through this link.

Click here to join chopstix
Click to join chopstix

Chopstix Wednesday

Tomorrow is Chopstix Wednesday. My friend “Natalia” invented this weekly holiday. The gist of Chopstix Wednesday is that you only eat with chopsticks on Wednesdays, (hmm, pretty self explanatory)! The exception to using chopsticks is that you can eat with your hands if that is the normal way of eating the food, i.e. tacos. You can also use a spoon. You are just not allowed to eat with a fork or any other utensil with tines.

I like the idea of Chopstix Wednesday, because it slows down the food consumption and you eat less. I am extra excited about this week’s experience, because my sister bought me new chopsticks for Christmas! YAY!

“Natalia” created a new group to help keep Chopstick Wednesday alive! Feel free to join and leave your mark on the group site. If you are the first person to comment, email your address and she’ll ship you a brand new pair of chopsticks!
Come and join the fun!

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