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I have been updating some of my blog features. I’m still in the learning stages of blogging. The newest feature is that you can subscribe to get my blog postings directly to your email. You can do this by subscribing to my blog through feedblitz. The location of the subscribe button is on the right of my blog where it has a space to put your email address and then hit subscribe me. This way you don’t have to go to the feeds just to read the blog. Of course, there are several feeds you can continue to subscribe to as well.

I have really enjoyed blogging. If anyone has any suggestion for blog ideas or anything else that is helpful, make sure to comment! 🙂


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  1. I noticed an ad the other day for Panda Express.

  2. I wrote a blog using Google Documents and spreadsheets. You can also see it by going to this link to the document: You can slso go to my blog on maximizing the Earned Income credit at and find the link in the blog itself.The blog shows the buttons for RSS, etc., but the google document shows it all as HTML

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