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Party Party Weekend

When I was in college, my favorite Joe King Carrasco song was Party, Party Weekend.  I’m not really sure what happened to him, but I thought about the song because Saturday we had two parties to go to.  One of them was a one year old birthday party.  It was one of the best one year old parties I’ve been to because they had live entertainment that was geared to the kids and the adults.  The family that had the party saw this singer at Pluckers in Round Rock one night and had such a great time with him there, they booked him for their baby’s first party.  I had so much fun listening to him sing the songs that made fun of some of the lesser colleges.  I wish I would have taped some of them to play for some of my loser Sooner friends.  I think he plays there on Thursday nights. I think we’ll have to make a special trip out there to see him again.

This guy was so much fun!

I’ve always loved going to parties with piñatas.  I think when I turn 50, I’m going to have a piñata at my birthday party. I was surprised because the kids left lots of candy on the ground.  You never would have seen that in my day!

Grilling up the dogs and burgers!

This cake was ALL over that beautiful little girl.

The second party was a graduation party.  I didn’t take any pictures at the party, so I can’t share any of them, but this was a great party too.  I kept asking the hosts if they wanted us to bring anything but they kept saying no. I told them that I was personally going to make something for the party and they laughed and said that they were glad they told me no.  Later tonight I’m going to try the recipe that I was planning on making.  If it is good, I’ll be making another post on here today to share. At the party they had a margarita recipe that was really good. All I know is that there was orange juice in the recipe, but I was told it was a secret recipe.  I’m going to have to make it my mission to find out that recipe!


Painting with a Twist

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids.  The last day is always my least favorite day of the year because the kids go home for the summer and I miss all of them.  This year was particularly sad because our school has been open for six years now and our first group of kindergarteners are moving to the middle school next year. It’s been amazing to watch these kids grow into really great people.

To celebrate the end of the year, one of the teachers suggested we all go to Painting with a Twist.  If you have never been before, I suggest you get a group of girls together and go.  It’s basically paint by numbers but without the numbers. An artist walked us through the steps and we all painted the same picture.  Even though the picture is the same, everyone has their own style, so they are all just a little bit different.  I can’t say that I would choose this picture for my house, but I might put it up in my office.  I really only went for the experience anyway!

Here is how it started out!

Add a lady with an umbrella

Shannon always has to add her own flair!

Our group with our matching pictures!


Spring Carnival time!!

My favorite thing about going to carnivals and other fundraising events is the SILENT AUCTION!!! Tonight is our school carnival and I can’t WAIT to start bidding on some of these fantastic baskets.  So far we have about 35 things that people can bid on.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to go for either the candy basket or the salty snack basket! I can only imagine what Mike is going to start bidding on.  I only hope that Avi and he don’t decide they want the same thing, or it could get really expensive for me!!

I’m also up to get pie thrown at my face tonight.  I don’t really like having stuff on my face, but it really doesn’t matter since it’s for the kids. I know they get a kick out of throwing pies at all of us.  (Maybe I’ll get a bunch of kids with bad aim!!)






We went to Garfield, Texas for a party last night. Where is Garfield, Tx you ask? Good question that I would probably not be able to answer. It was somewhere past the airport. We went to a friend’s house for a Christmas party. They have a big house out in the middle of nowhere. It is decorated really cute if you like a country style home. Whoever cleans it does a really great job! 🙂

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