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Hook ’em!!

I was so lucky last night to be invited to the UT/Wyoming game!  I love going to the games, but I quit getting season tickets a few years ago because I was missing too many games.  One of my  beautiful friends that used to work with me, who also turns out to be my sorority sister, invited me to last night’s game and to the next one too!! We got there at about 3:00, even though the game was at 7:00. We went to Scholz, took a picture with a huge longhorn, bought a scarf out of a trailer, went to a couple of tailgate parties and then went to the game.

By the time we got to the game, we were so sweaty that my friend ended up buying a new dress at the store in the stadium and changed. We will now refer to her as Beyonce because of the frequent costume changes. All I bought there was a scrunchy to tie up my hair. I was surprised to find out that the store INSIDE THE STADIUM can’t even have the game playing on their big screen TVs because they don’t get the Longhorn Network.

The former curriculum director of my district was there too.  She cracked me up when she told me that she didn’t realize the mascot’s name was Bevo and now the name of Bevo Bucks made much more sense to her.  I just looked at her and told her she was pretty!! After the game several of us went to the UT club and enjoyed queso and fajitas.  I had the best time ever!! I can’t wait to do it again. I think I’ll bring two dresses next week so I can keep up with Beyonce!

Texas!! Fight!! 

My new scarf!


Every year we have a Family Fun Night at my school. The first few years we played a student/teacher game of basketball. The teachers had a huge advantage because they have the height on the kids. I never played because I’m just not really good at basketball and I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of everyone.

Last year they switched over to a student/teacher kickball game.  Not that I’m good at kickball, but I’m more comfortable with it.  I can kick pretty ok, but I’m afraid to catch the ball. I usually try to take a position where no one kicks the ball. I’m ok with running after the ball, so I also work pretty well as a back up in case the ball is missed and it goes in to the field.  I can also throw pretty good, so that is helpful! I was REALLY excited this year because I actually caught a fly ball!!!! I was so amazed that I jumped up and down and acted like an idiot!  I’m sure my facial expression was priceless!!!  I also got someone out at second.  I was pretty proud of myself!! The teachers beat the students for the sixth year in a row.  I know I should feel bad, but I don’t. haha!! 🙂

There’s no crying in baseball!

It’s been a long time since I went to a girl’s softball game. Probably the last time I went to one, I was playing. Hmmm…That’s been about 30 years or so… Anyway, I think they must’ve changed the rules or something. We used to have to pitch to the other team and they pitched to us. At this game, our coach pitched to our team and the the other coach pitched to his team. When did that happen? Why did that happen? When do the girls start pitching for themselves? It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I went.

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