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New House

My new house is almost liveable! It looks like they have already done the majority of the work. They mostly have touch-up things to do to get it ready for us. We are supposed to close mid-February! I can’t wait!!!!

Genuine Joe Coffeehouse

A sign on the old green house says that Genuine Joe’s Coffee on Anderson Street is the best coffee in North Austin. With a sign like that, you can’t help but want to find out! So, my husband and I made another stop on our never-ending quest to find the best coffee in Austin.

The barrista’s seemed a little clueless when we made our order. I was really concerned that not only would the coffee be terrible, but we may never see it or our food order. But, much to my surprise, we not only got the right order, but it quite possibly could be the best coffee in Austin. It definitely deserves my vote for the award for best coffee in North Austin at this point in our journey! (Of course, I haven’t had coffee from every coffeehouse in Austin, but I intend to try!)


I have one word for Pluckers in Round Rock, LOUD! They have TV’s showing different sports, loud music, loud people in the bar…It’s an all around fun place to be on a cold, rainy Friday night. We went there on a Friday night and it was PACKED! We had to wait about 20 minutes or so to eat CHICKEN WINGS!! Can you believe that?

The first time we went there, I could barely eat my medium chicken wings. They were REALLY hot. I think that they messed up my order and gave me the super hot ones instead. But, last night I got the same thing and they were perfect. So far, this is the best chicken wing place I’ve been to in Austin. (I think I was spoiled in Dallas living so close to the best chicken wing place ever!)

My husband wants me to write things about prices, parking, if I’ll be back, etc. I don’t ever look at the prices, so if you want to know the prices, you can always go to the home pages of the restaurants. I’m not advertising for the places I write about, just telling you about where I’ve been. If they want to advertise more on my page, they can conact me through email. lol! Parking was pretty good at Pluckers, but since it was so crowded, it was a little tight! I recommend Pluckers, so that means I’ll be back! Happy Mike?


Since we moved to Austin, my husband has been wanting to go to Romeo’s on Barton Springs. So, what do I do? I go there on Wednesday’s snow day with my friend Natalia. Now you may be wondering what I was doing at an Italian restaurant on Chopsticks Wednesday, but there is no need to worry! As you can see from the picture, I brought my own!
I got the eggplant parmesan and Natalia got the tortellini. They were both delicious. The worst part of the meal was trying to eat with the chopsticks! 🙂 I had to use one stick to stab the food so I could cut the eggplant. It was really quite amusing. My salad eating was kind of funny too! But, once I got into the rhythm of the chopsticks, I was pretty good!
Even though there weren’t many people there, the service wasn’t very good. Maybe she was scared to come and serve us since we were both sitting there eating with chopsticks instead of traditional forks!

Zilker Park on ice

After being stuck in a TINY apartment for the last couple of days, I decided to venture further away from home than the area Starbucks. So, I met my friend “Natalia” and after eating lunch, we went to Zilker Park to take some pictures of the winter freeze! I love going to Zilker. Not only is that where the party at the Moontower was filmed, it is also the location of the Trail of Lights and ACL! It sure looks beautiful under ice!

Purple Uggs

For those of you that read my myspace blog, sorry for the repeat. I’m bored!

Last summer, I found some purple Uggs at Marshalls for $18.00. How exciting. Uggs normally cost around $100 or more. All the stars wear Uggs. I need these Uggs, I said. So I bought them. My husband laughed at me and said they were the ugliest shoes ever. It never gets cold in Texas, so they serve no purpose! UNTIL this week! I remembered my Uggs this weekend and wore them out to eat at the Driskill. My feet felt warm, and I laughed when I saw several children running around barefoot. Maybe I was overexaggerating the chilliness as usual. But, I was wearing my new Uggs!

Today, I took my dogs out and decided to unscrape the ice off my car. I put my Uggs back on and proceeded to walk across the apartment complex! How empowering it was to walk around with warm feet amongst all the ice. Now that my car was de-iced, I felt like it was a great time to venture out of my apartment complex, that I had barely left since the ice began.

I made my way up to the closest Starbucks and sat there for about an hour drinking coffee, studying and wearing my Uggs! I even felt comfortable enough to take off my jacket, since my feet were still warm. I’m sure that everyone was jealous.

Now I’m back to the warmth of my apartment, bored to tears, writing about shoes and wishing that I could find somewhere else to go wearing my purple Uggs!

Chopstick Wednesday Reminder

Even though we are having another snow day, we still have Chopstick Wednesday to look forward to!

Snow Day

How did you spend your snow day? I stayed home and watched movies all day. Did anyone do anything productive or interesting?

1886 Cafe and Bakery

Cattlebaron, Jesse Driskill opened his historic hotel in 1886 after he purchased the entire block in 1885. The price of building the hotel was an outrageous $400,000. The Driskill quickly became the place to see and be seen, especially if you were a politician. Deals were made and even LBJ spent many elections watching returns come in at the hotel. Some supposedly liked it so much that they decided to stay and haunt the place!

But, the hotel isn’t only for the rich and famous. There in a nice little cafe in the lobby, that while a little pricey, is still affordable. We went there for breakfast while my mother was in town. I had the Hippy Hollow breakfast skillet, which was eggs with feta cheese, spinach and tomato. It was delicious, but nothing special.

We didn’t see any ghosts, but the service was sparing. We only saw our waitress when we ordered and when she brought the food and drinks. Tea was left unfilled and we even got someone else’s bill at the end of the meal!

While the ambience is nice, I’m not in a big hurry to return. However, I would like to try their 5 star restaurant in the future!

Treehouse Italian Grill

I had such a wonderful time when my mother came to Austin for the weekend. We all wanted to try something new and settled on going to The The Treehouse Italian Grill on College and South Congress. What a wonderful decision that was! We had the option of sitting indoors or outdoors, but we chose indoors because of the weather. The room was dimly lit with Italian inspired decorations throughout the restaurant.

They started us out with some bread and an olive oil/garlic mixture. I could have made my whole meal on this and I rarely even eat bread! When the actual entrees came out, we couldn’t believe our eyes. They had such huge portions that there was no way that we’d be able to eat everything. We all did our best, but still took home a doggy bag for later!

The restaurant was modestly priced and our bottle of wine probably cost as much as all three meals put together! It was a wonderful place to have a dinner date or have fun with a group of friends. I’m sure we’ll be back.

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