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Spring Carnival time!!

My favorite thing about going to carnivals and other fundraising events is the SILENT AUCTION!!! Tonight is our school carnival and I can’t WAIT to start bidding on some of these fantastic baskets.  So far we have about 35 things that people can bid on.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to go for either the candy basket or the salty snack basket! I can only imagine what Mike is going to start bidding on.  I only hope that Avi and he don’t decide they want the same thing, or it could get really expensive for me!!

I’m also up to get pie thrown at my face tonight.  I don’t really like having stuff on my face, but it really doesn’t matter since it’s for the kids. I know they get a kick out of throwing pies at all of us.  (Maybe I’ll get a bunch of kids with bad aim!!)






Nothing but nothing

I had been realizing that my blog has become a shopping blog when one of my friends confirmed it for me today.  I really haven’t had much going on other than shopping, so hopefully I can do something this weekend to mix it up a little bit.  We have our school carnival on Friday night, Saturday is Beerfest, and Sunday is our Annual Bluebonnet Photo Shoot.  I hope this year’s photo shoot goes a little better than when we found that one bluebonnet last year. Looking forward to the weekend!! Maybe I’ll soon have something interesting to blog about!! 🙂

It’s Flip Flop Season!!

To be honest, is it really ever NOT flip flop season in Texas? I’m pretty sure I wear mine year round.  This weekend, Cooper took me leaving my favorite pair of day-to-day flip flops in the den as an opportunity to eat them, so when I ran out to buy a new hair dryer, I took the trip to the big city as an opportunity to stop in to Marshall’s to look for a new pair. I was looking for a more casual pair, but when I saw these Coconut flip flops with zebra stripes and flowers, I couldn’t resist buying them!  I’m really not sure what zebra stripes and flowers go with, but I’m sure I’ll find something!


Time for a TUTU!!

After the St. Patrick’s Day Run, I realized that I really needed a tutu. I googled “How to Make a Tutu” and found out that it wouldn’t be too hard to do. Since we had a pep rally for the STAAR test today, I knew this would be the perfect reason to make one that can be used for various occasions like this that might pop up. It really was quite easy. I got ribbon and tied strips of material on to the ribbon. It turned out really cute and I’m ready for any future races and St. Patrick’s Day!



And then there was MUSIC!!!

I’ve always been jealous of people that can listen to music while they work out. I evidently have small earholes, because I’ve never found earbuds that fit my ear. I’ve even tried the ones that you can switch out to the little ones, but I still couldn’t get them to stay in my ears! Well, I’m about to join the people with music in their life!!! I finally found some earbuds that fit me!! I went to Best Buy today and picked up the yurbuds after seeing them at the Cap 10K expo! I have already put them in my ears and danced around and THEY STAYED IN!!!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to go exercise!!!



Cap 10K Expo

For the last couple of years I’ve done the Cap 10K in Austin. It’s almost as huge a race as the Turkey Trot in Dallas. This year I signed up for it, but I don’t get to do it because I have a birthday party to go to in Dallas. I went and got my shirt anyway, since I paid for it. While I was at the expo, I bought another iFitness belt. I figure that I really only need the double one if I’m going to have to carry my car keys. I need a smaller one for the day to day walks, which I do more often. I am extra excited about this one because it is a breast cancer awareness model! I can’t wait to try it out!

They also had a booth that sells earphones for the iPhone (or any other device you want to use them with). I have really small earholes, so I can’t even wear earphones when I run. These people swore that theres would work for me. You know what!!? I think they will!! I didn’t buy them there, though, because they sell these at Best Buy. Once I get them, they will probably get a whole blog to themselves!


Camping Meeting

I’m going to go camping in April.  We had a meeting at Ramos’ to discuss what we wanted this camping trip to look like and where we wanted to go.  This is going to be a one day trip, so we can handle a hard core camping trip.  By hard core, I mean we can forego the shower on the list of non-negotiables.  I figure I can shower before we go on the trip and shower again when we get home, so it should be doable.  Mike told me to make sure that everyone understands what kind of camper I am.  I’m pretty sure that means the type that needs to be waited on hand and foot, but I’m ok with that.

I’m pretty excited about where we chose to go.  I’ve heard really great things about the area and how pretty it is there.  We have one more camping meeting prior to the trip to discuss food. Mike missed our first meeting because he can care less where we go, (and he had to work), but he has already said he won’t be missing the next meeting!

Since this was a meeting, there were notes and emails that went out to all the prospective campers.  I’m pretty sure this is going to be a great time!! I can’t wait for the next meeting!!


Kahlua Cake/Trifle

My father-in-law is turning 70 this weekend, so I wanted to make something for his birthday party.  When we were younger, he made a kahlua cake that was so strong that none of us could eat it.  I saw this recipe and immediately thought of him and that cake.  Since this is such an easy recipe,  I thought I’d do a test run before the party to see if I can make one that is actually edible.  It was.  I think I could maybe even use a little more kahlua in the cake I make this weekend!
1. Cake
Bake a cake. I used a white cake because my father-in-law and I don’t like chocolate cake, but the original recipe called for chocolate cake. Once it’s cool, poke holes all over it, then pour kahlua all over it.  I used about 1/4 cup, but you can use more or less depending on your liking. Let it soak for at least an hour. Once you’re ready, cut the cake into 1 inch size slices.
2. Mousse
Make chocolate mousse. I used the recipe on the Dream Whip Chocolate Mousse box.  I didn’t make enough at first, so use every packet in the box.
3. Cool Whip
You can use store bought or make your own.  Since this is for my f-i-l’s birthday, I made my own mixing heavy whipping cream and sugar to taste.
4. Candy Pieces
Crush some Heath or Skor bars into decent sized chunks.  I used a meat pounder to crush them, you can also use a hammer.  You probably need about 5 – 6 bars.
This looks the prettiest in a deep glass bowl or trifle dish if you have one.  You can use whatever you have.  Layer cake cubes, then chocolate mousse, then whipped cream, then candy pieces.  You can repeat until your dish is filled, but end up with the whipped cream and candy pieces on top!
Happy Eating!!

It’s Raining! It’s Pouring!

It’s raining cats and dogs in Austin today! Yesterday when I heard about the weather I got so nervous. Mike wasn’t home and I really needed to park my car in the garage, which was full. Well, turns out I’m not as helpless as I thought I was because I was able to move everything to one side of the garage and get my car in there. It’s not pretty, but it fits. It may be time to get rid of some stuff though!!

The best thing about rainy days is RAIN BOOTS! I got mine last year at Maurice’s for $9.00. I had been looking everywhere for rain boots and the least expensive ones I found were $25.00. I’m pretty cheap, so I couldn’t justify paying that much for something I wear once a year.

I loved getting to work today an seeing all the cute rain boots that everyone has!




I bet my friend at Definitely Leopard will love these!


These are the Maurice Boots!


Here are some Missoni Rain Boots!!

Cooper! What Happened!?

When I came home after being gone for a week, I found that Cooper had a growth spurt!  I almost didn’t recognize him!  Even after the 4 miles and 135 lunges that we did this morning, he still wasn’t tired.  I’m not sure how I’m going to keep up with him.  Today he goes to his puppy class, but he missed a week and he had a week of no practice.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to have to take a repeater class.  It’s a good thing he’s so cute!!

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