If you ever find yourself in Manor, there is a great little restaurant there called Ramos. It’s right in the center of their booming little town. It’s pretty much the only restaurant in Manor. There are a couple of others, but Ramos is by far the most popular. From what I understand, the owner used to be the head chef at Chuy’s and decided to open his own restaurant. You can definitely taste a Chuy’s influence even if this story isn’t true. They start you out with chips and salsa, plus they add a jalapeno ranch type dressing that is just heavenly! We went for breakfast and I have to say that they had some of the best breakfast tacos I’ve had in a long time!


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  1. I bet you are hilarious going around town with Mike .. ohh wait hun I gotta take a pic of this for my blog HAHAAA 🙂 Where’s the pic of the construction traffic and Ramos’s 🙂 I never knew that story about Ramos’s! Everything I’ve had is a bit like Chuys! I figured Ramos had been a passed down the family kinda resturaunt been there for yrs 😉

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