Please feel free at any time to give me suggestions or feedback of what you would like to see in my blog. I’ve been racking my brains of ideas of what to write about and I decided that I’d like to write about what you would like to read about!

I also LOVE to get comments. It totally makes my day when I log in and find comments on my blog. So please comment often! Also, this should be a part of your favorites so you will remember to return at least daily.

Those of you that know me really well, know that my favorite movie was filmed here in Austin. I plan to go to the Top Notch Burger place and eat this weekend. Does everyone know what movie I’m talking about???


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  1. Dazed and Confused right? Man Top Notch is the greatest burger! I hear their chicken and fried pies are good too, but who’s hungry for that after their famous burger? FYI … they are closed sundays … and close at like 6 or sumthin on Sat … the old lady who works the register has been there since it opened they say … and she’s super funny seems like she should be in a Top Notch movie … granny craks me up taking orders!! Cant wait to read ur review of the place …

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