Free At Last

I’m finally on holiday for the Christmas break! Where does the time go?? I plan to use the free time to shop, try new things and visit family and friends. I will be going to Dallas for the part of the holiday, so I may have to do some Dallas blogs to keep things moving. (I’m sure there is somewhere I haven’t been in Dallas). Then I plan to go to McAllen, Tx for New Years. There are definitely places there that I haven’t been!

I’m thinking about using some of my free time to watch movies. If you haven’t gotten Netflix yet, I highly recommend it. I am on the unlimited two movies at a time plan. I love it. The movies come directly to your house, you never have late fees, and I’m rarely without a movie. I work it out so that I watch one movie, mail it in and by the time I watch another one, I have a new movie in the mail. I have about 70 movies in my queue and I’m constantly adding more. Another bonus is that you can rent whole series. I’ve watched Veronica Mars Series one and two, Lost season one and two and Da Ali G show season one and two. It’s a great way to get caught up on some of those shows that build on the one before so you can start watching the series in real time! If I was renting from the video store, I wouldn’t watch them because I would feel guilty about spending the money. Since I’m unlimited on the number of dvd’s, I don’t feel guilty!! There is usually about a two day turn around on movies.


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