Collar search

My dog needs a new collar. The last one I bought was from the Pet Boutique on Garland Rd. in Dallas. It is black with small diamonds all around it. The collar has lost most of the diamonds and it is time to replace it.

Where do you go to find specialty items for dogs in Austin? I still haven’t figured it out. I went online and found Bark ‘n Purr on Burnet, so I drove over there to find the perfect collar for my little precious one. I looked at the store optimistically as I drove up since it had a Best of Austin sign in the window. I was sadly disappointed when I went inside and found your typical dog stuff inside. I asked the guy if he knew where I could find some specialty items for dogs. He was kind of rude and said that was it. I pushed a little and he directed me down the street.

I went up Burnet a little further to the Camp 4 Paws. I wasn’t really sure if it was open, but I got out of my car to check anyway! Luckily, the store was open!! This is the cutest little place. They have really cool clothes and some really nice collars. Unfortunately, they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, but I will go back another time when I want to buy clothes. I talked to the nicest lady and she told me that she had seen a dog store in Davenport Village over on Capital of Texas Hwy. She wasn’t sure if it was open or not, but that was her best guess.

I went to Davenport Village next. I saw a great sign announcing the Yuppie Puppie! Yea! I’m sure at this point that they will have exactly what I’m looking for. Sadly, as I got closer, I found that the store was closed. 😦 I didn’t find my collar today.

I will be in Dallas this weekend, so I hope I will get the opportunity to go to the Pet Boutique and find a new collar. If anyone knows of any good pet boutiques in Austin, please let me know!!


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