Hut’s Hamburgers

An Austin Tradition since 1939. The building was opened as Sammie’s Drive In in August 1939. It became Eli’s lounge and then Picante’s Mexican Restaurant. In 1969, the building was bought by Homer “Hut” Hutson and reopened as Hut’s. Hut’s was originally on South Congress. In 1981 the new owners bought the restaurant and have had it ever since. I found out all this information from their menu. I find places with a history fascinating.

As you walk in to Hut’s you find all the awards proudly displayed on the walls. When you look around, you find that there is really very little room for anything else to be added to their walls, since all of the wall-space is being utilized. Upon close inspection, you will find animal heads, liscense plates, sports pennants, photos, and much much more.

The line for Hut’s is unbelievable. We chose to eat at the bar to avoid some of the wait time. The bartender/waitress was very nice and paid just enough attention to the people that she served. There was one other bartender and we noticed that he had a shirt on for the next door restaurant. We inquired about his shirt and we were told that the owner of Hut’s also owns the Italian restaurant next door. They are trying to cross advertise.

I’m not really a hamburger fan, but when you are in a hamburger place, you have to get a hamburger. I have to admit, that I really didn’t like their burgers. I think it’s because they were a bit large for my tastes. My husband absolutely raved about his, and said he would rank it up with the best burger he had ever had. As we were leaving, he was talking about when he could go back.


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