Merry Christmas to all of my friends and family! I have been enjoying the holidays in Dallas. I spent the first night with my sister and spent two days shopping for gifts with my mom and her. I actually only bought a couple of gifts for others and found lots of treasures for myself!

The most unusual shopping trip was with my sister. We went to one of our favorite places to shop for different things, Emeralds to Coconuts on Henderson, and then we left to eat at Mai’s on Fitzhugh and Bryan. When we went to pay, we couldn’t find her credit card. We looked all over the car and decided to go back to Emeralds to Coconuts to see if we had left it with the saleslady.

We drive out onto the street and she goes to the far lane thinking it’s a one way street. She starts calling Emeralds to Coconuts and looks up and there is a policeman trying to turn into the lane we are sitting in. She pulls back, never taking the phone from her head and the policeman rolls down his window and gives her a tongue-lashing. “Get off the phone and pay attention to what your doing!” She replies back to him, “I lost my credit card and I’m trying to call the store.” Like the policeman cares. He yells back that he doesn’t care and she needs to pay attention and drives off! She dodged a ticket there.

We go back to Emeralds to Coconuts, which is closed by this time. She decides to look around the parking lot, just in case it fell out of her purse. She sees something on the ground so she gets out for closer inspection. It’s not the credit card. She looks around a bit more before she gets in the car and lo and behold, the card is right there on the ground! The day is saved!! Now she can continue shopping! YAY!! Boy was she lucky!


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  1. And your sister didn’t care that the policeman was yelling at her for going the wrong way down a one way street. I was very focused on finding my credit card…and I did.

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