Purple Uggs

For those of you that read my myspace blog, sorry for the repeat. I’m bored!

Last summer, I found some purple Uggs at Marshalls for $18.00. How exciting. Uggs normally cost around $100 or more. All the stars wear Uggs. I need these Uggs, I said. So I bought them. My husband laughed at me and said they were the ugliest shoes ever. It never gets cold in Texas, so they serve no purpose! UNTIL this week! I remembered my Uggs this weekend and wore them out to eat at the Driskill. My feet felt warm, and I laughed when I saw several children running around barefoot. Maybe I was overexaggerating the chilliness as usual. But, I was wearing my new Uggs!

Today, I took my dogs out and decided to unscrape the ice off my car. I put my Uggs back on and proceeded to walk across the apartment complex! How empowering it was to walk around with warm feet amongst all the ice. Now that my car was de-iced, I felt like it was a great time to venture out of my apartment complex, that I had barely left since the ice began.

I made my way up to the closest Starbucks and sat there for about an hour drinking coffee, studying and wearing my Uggs! I even felt comfortable enough to take off my jacket, since my feet were still warm. I’m sure that everyone was jealous.

Now I’m back to the warmth of my apartment, bored to tears, writing about shoes and wishing that I could find somewhere else to go wearing my purple Uggs!


6 responses

  1. The purple ugs are way cute!! As long as u dont tuck ur jeans into them they look great 🙂

  2. Damn! You are one lucky girl i’ve been waiting months for these UGGS and you just come across a pair one day and them they are crazy cheap…oh how i envy you

  3. to contrast what kimberlea said, they would look 13409820358739845 times better if you tucked your jeans in. especially if they are skinny jeans ❤ and some fugly idiot at my school got those uggs and are a total disgrace to them. they are adorable and sexy and she completely ruined them. im almost in tears.but lucky you, getting them so cheap!

  4. omg you are sooo luckyyy!i’ve been trying to find purple uggs foreverrr. and i just spent $125 for myy uggs! luckyyy..

  5. I have the same ones! I found them for about $40 at TJMaxx 2 years ago! Woot for cheap Uggs. EVERY time I wear them, I get compliments – even in the middle of summer! 🙂

  6. you are so lucky! i live in new york, and everyone buys uggs here because it is freezing! the plain ones sell for about $180, and the purple or other colored ones are even more!

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