We went to Progresso yesterday. It was so much fun. I love going to border towns to walk around and look at all the things they are selling. It ranges anywhere from boots to magnets and then add some more stuff! All that stuff always throws me into a buying frenzy! Mike’s cousin bought a little bit of everything while there. I got some new movies, a pancho, a magnet, and silver hoop earrings. Mike got brandy and kalhua for his dad.

I think we are going to go back today so I can get a few more souvenirs before we go home tonight. Unfortunately, the rumor is that starting today you have to have your passport to cross over the border. Mike brought his, but I didn’t. I’m going to be really sad if I can’t go back. That will mean that we stay home and watch sports all day. BOO!


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  1. Hope you got to go back to Mexico today! I’m sure they woul let u in Mexico, just the US woulnt let you back home without the passport 😉 HEHE JK!One of your ads .. is for some Palmer Events Holiday Christmas Sale thing … from Dec 16-18 … a little outdated? Then I noticed the link was seriously for Dec 16-18 2005 … yes 2005 … no not 2006 …. BTW how much do you get paid for those ads? Like a penny per click? See ya Wed … where does time go?! 🙂

  2. I think it is more than a penny per click. My own blog has been running about a month and I’ve made $52.00My blog is http://taxman.blogspot.comI don’t think Mexico is too worried about any Americanos sneaking in and taking jobs that Mexicans won’t do.

  3. I think it depends on the ad. Sometimes I’ll have like one or two click and it will be over a dollar and then there are times like today that I’ve had 4 clicks and made $.49. The most I’ve made is $6.90 in one day! I didn’t get to go back to Mexico today. It was all about sports. YUK!

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