“Up against the wall, a red-necked mother…” sang the band as we walked into Ross’ on Lamar. We were on our way home from Central Market, (for the second time in a week), when we decided we better get something to eat before we go home. We looked over and saw neon lights announcing Ross’ restaurant. Intriguing. We decided to stop.

We were excited that they had live music as we walked up to the place. There were three older gentlemen on a stage singing country music. Not really our type of music, it can still be a fun experience to watch! This band of guitar playing seniors were reminiscent of listening to Merle Haggard with his old country flair.

The food at Ross’ was kind of home-cooking style. I’m trying to diet, so I ordered the grilled chicken dinner. It came with a choice of vegetables and I chose broccoli and salad. Mike ordered the pork and fries. (Embarrassingly, he chose to sit next to me while we waited for our food, rather than across from me, but he wanted to watch the trio, too…

I got a HUGE chicken dinner. They do not spare food at Ross’. The chicken had lots of spices and almost tasted like a steak rather than normal dry chicken. I’m sure that this meal wasn’t REALLY dietary! It also came with Texas Toast. I haven’t had that in years!

Overall, it was a good experience. The people that work there are VERY friendly and welcoming. The biggest complaint I have about the place was the Aggie knick knacks that the place had displayed. BOO Aggies!


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