I’ve decided that Guero’s is a hit or miss kind of place. The first time I went to Guero’s on South Congress after hearing about it from several different people. Both my husband and I decided that we would probably never go back. While the people were fun, the food was really not that great. When my sister-in-law came into a couple of months later, we decided to try it again with reservations. We were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it and decided we must’ve just come on an off day the last time. Last night, we took my mother there after we found out that Z Tejas had a 1 1/2 hour wait. All of us were very satisfied with the dinners that we chose.

Guero’s almost always has a huge wait, but it’s a fun wait. You can go next door to their patio bar, hang out under the stars and listen to whatever band is playing on the stage. They even have a version of their famous salsa bar, so you can stave off your hunger with some chips and salsa.

With two good and one marginal, we will probably try it again. Hopefully, that first time was just a fluke, but I’m not ready to put Guero’s on my favorites list quite yet.


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