Drying pads

I hate doing dishes.  Unfortunately, it’s something that has to be done.  If I were rich, I’d just throw them away after I used them and get more.  Sadly, that’s not really feasible for me at this point in my life… 

When we do dishes, Mike puts this big ugly towel down to let the dishes air dry.  I hate that towel.  I have no idea why this drives me nuts, but it does.  Well, I went to HEB over the weekend and happened across some drying pads.  What a great idea.  They’re kind of small, so I got two.  

I probably should have bought four.  These are great.  They look good and they do the job! I may go back and get another two.  As a bonus, they’re animal print!!!  

4 responses

  1. I hate the towels too. Those are cute though but I don't have an HEB by me. Did they have leopard??

  2. I didn't see any leopard at the HEB I was at, or I probably would have bought some for you. They're $4.00. lol

  3. I left a comment before but it didn't post. I need about 4 of these so pick some up for me and I'll pay you when I see you!

  4. Ok, I need to go back and get 2 more anyway! I'll grab 6.

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