Paco’s Tacos

I’ve been wanting to try Paco’s Tacos for a pretty long time, but I never thought it was open.  Turns out they are only closed on Mondays and the parking lot is in the back.  Every time I go to Marshall’s, I think about stopping.   Well, I finally did and I’m certainly glad that I did.  It’s a quaint little house with lots of funky decorations outside and inside. I got queso and shrimp tacos for lunch.  I loved them both. I wish I would have gotten the large bowl of queso.  The shrimp tacos have a little kick to them, but really good!  Our plan was to go there again and try their breakfast yesterday, but 290 is under construction, so we didn’t want to get stuck in the traffic.  I hope to bring Mike there soon!! I want to go sit on their patio and have a taco and a beer soon!


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