Book Exchange

We had our second book exchange of the year today!  I love our librarian. She is so awesome!  She always comes up with creative ways to get people reading.  I wonder if she’s seen the Pflugerville book challenge.  They want everyone to read at least one book this month. Now that we had book exchange, I think I will be able to participate in this challenge!

To me, the best part about book exchange is sitting around talking to the ladies that show up. I really only go for that reason, since I’m not much of a reader. There are several of them that I really don’t get to talk to that much.  I’m so lucky to work with such interesting, funny, intelligent women.  I seriously have the best job in the world.

For the second time, I had no book to bring but walked away with one because some people bring several books.  I really need to read more so I can contribute.  I hadn’t even planned on taking home a book, but since I was there, they let me!! I’m pretty excited about the book I chose.  So many people have talked about it and the movie is coming out soon, so I better stop blogging and get to reading!!

2 responses

  1. You should look into audio books. Your librarian, deputy superintendent and my husband swear by them!!!!

  2. I may try that for our trip to Breckenridge!! Good idea! I have to find a book that all three of us would enjoy! I'll ask you how it works today!

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