The Devil Wears Prada And So Do I

A couple of weeks after Cooper ate my glasses and I finally went to the eye doctor.  It turns out that I have a lot more issues with my eyes than I realized.  Vision is not the only thing that determines if your eyes are healthy.  I have some kind of thing like a skin tag on my eye.  The doctor said it’s caused by sun and wind.  I never wear sunglasses and he told me I have to start.  They have to have UV A and B blockage, so that means I’ll be buying some fancy sunglasses soon!

I also have some weird angle thing that could be because I have small eyes or it could be that my eyes are unhealthy.  He showed me scans of my eyes compared to his and it was crazy how tight mine were.  He said if I start getting really bad pressure head aches, I need to come in immediately.  
After all that, he got to my vision.  I no longer have the luxury of having one prescription for my eyes.  If I got one pair, they would have to be progressive lenses.  Since my vision isn’t that bad, he said he wouldn’t make me get those, but I would have to get new reading glasses for sure.  
I didn’t like any of the frames there, so I went to Lenscrafters because they have better choices.  I tried on the Burberry ones like I had, but I really wanted something else.  I tried on the Prada pair and fell in LOVE!!!!  Of course I have to have special lenses that have to be ordered, so it may be two weeks before I get them.  
The saleslady fit my new glasses for my face.  It’s really neat how they do it.  They take a picture of you in some dorky looking glasses case over the ones you are buying and then do all these measurements on the computer.  The lady showed me my measurements and said my eyes are spaced symmetrically perfect.  I laughed and said some sarcastic comment, but she said that it is really rare.  She said most people’s eyes are all over the place.  I’m pretty sure that makes me special.  
While I was there, I asked her to go ahead and put my chewed up lenses back on the Burberry frames, so I have something to read with over the next couple of weeks.  I’m going to only be able to wear them when I ready though, because all the scratches are kind of annoying.  It will be nice to be able to read again.  Maybe I can finally start reading the Hunger Games!

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  1. My dad used to wait until his were in multiple pieces before he got new ones. They were usually held together with duct tape and had pencil erasers for the nose piece. We also just learned that he puts cardboard in the bottom of his shoes when they get a hole in them. :l Can't wait to see a pic of the new glasses!!

  2. OMG!! Men are so different than women. I've gone without rather than look goofy!

  3. One of the partners at my work got a detached retina and it was unexpected. He was lucky because he called a doctor immediately but if he had gone for his job, like he was planning, he would now be blind. So don't mess around if you notice those pressure headaches.

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