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I’m at a point that I want to do more online shopping.  What are some of the sites that you all like to go to for… well, just about anything!?  I want sites that aren’t ridiculously expensive.  The only one I can think of right now is ideeli!  I need some suggestions!


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  1. I I ordered something from them today! Are you wanting clothes or house stuff? For house stuff you should try Amazon. I would also check the prices at JCP first to see if they have it cheaper with the new fair & square pricing.

  2. What did you get? I kind of want everything. 🙂

  3. I don't a suggestion but will you share any sites you find out about?

  4. Buying on line is risky. Our Nook didn't work. If we had tried to replace it, we would have had to have had the original packaging and then gone through the trouble of going to the post office to return it. Also, Zulilly took almost three weeks to send something. By that time the babies could have outgrown it. I like TJMaxx, Ross, or Marshalls for a quick, safe buy.

  5. I never get to go shopping anymore since there are no good stores close to where I live. I thought online my be a good alternative. 🙂

  6. I like They always have good prices and a lot of stuff has free shipping. I haven't really liked much of what I got through the sites like Gilt, ideeli, etc. I still like to see the quality of stuff before I buy it.

  7. I love Amazon! I shop online at quite frequently. Although I always compare prices before I purchase . I purchased a Cuisinart handheld blender online@ jcp for $50 and then found it at Amazon for $36 and it was the exact same one. Of course I cancelled the jcp order . My experience with Amazon is that everything gets shipped quickly, which means you receive it quickly!!

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