Nothing but nothing

I had been realizing that my blog has become a shopping blog when one of my friends confirmed it for me today.  I really haven’t had much going on other than shopping, so hopefully I can do something this weekend to mix it up a little bit.  We have our school carnival on Friday night, Saturday is Beerfest, and Sunday is our Annual Bluebonnet Photo Shoot.  I hope this year’s photo shoot goes a little better than when we found that one bluebonnet last year. Looking forward to the weekend!! Maybe I’ll soon have something interesting to blog about!! 🙂


3 responses

  1. I talked to someone yesterday who drove from Austin to Brady. I don’t know where that is but he said the amount of bluebonnets was really a sight to see. He said that they are in full bloom and beautiful.

  2. We’re hoping to go tomorrow too. Beth?? What time??

  3. I don’t know where Brady is.

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