New Furniture!!!

Ever since we moved in to our house, I’ve felt like we’ve needed another dresser for our bedroom. The model home had one, so I really needed one too.  Since we already had a whole bedroom suit, it’s been kind of hard to find one that matches.  Finally, we decided we’d just try to come close because our clothes were taking over the house.  We went to a few furniture shops in Austin and finally found something that wasn’t overly pricey and looked good.  Gage Furniture had all kinds of specials running and we even got to get a discount for paying cash.  While we were there, we found a bench for the end of our bed.  I’ve really always wanted a bench for the end of my bed, so we went ahead and bought that too!  The bench even has two extra drawers!!! YEA!  It all showed up today!! I can’t wait to start organizing the overflowing clothes.  

New dresser

Bench at the end of the bed


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