Helpful Hint #1

I swear I don’t think I can put on a shirt or dress without getting deodorant all over it. Most of the time I don’t even notice until I am already where I planned on going, but every once in a while I catch it at home. I’ve been getting a wet towel and soaking my shirt to get the deodorant out, but then I get to go out with a wet spot. I looked it up and found a really good tip that really works!!

Get deodorant on your clothes.

Get a nylon and put it on your hand.

Rub it on the deodorant and voila! Deodorant gone!!


6 responses

  1. What if you are a single guy and don’t own a nylon? I can’t go to the store and buy them!

    1. Yes, you should always have a nylon on hand for deodorant mishaps.

      1. You can also use it for bank robberies!

  2. Why don’t you just use clear deodorant? You make things so difficult sometimes…

    1. I know. Maybe I should look in to that…

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