New furniture

I moved back to Dallas and got an apartment until I can figure out where I’m going to be permanently.  I needed new furniture, so I went to Rooms To Go and bought one of their TV packages.  I got a couch, love seat, 2 lamps, 2 end tables, a coffee table, a TV stand, and a TV for under $2500!!  The nice thing about the package is that you get to mix and match the accessories with the couch.  If you don’t like the coffee table that is shown, you can find another one for the same price or pay extra for one you like.  I also bought a picture for over the couch and a rug to help tie the room together.


The TV is from Best Buy.  Once the furniture is delivered, you go pick up the TV at your convenience.  When I called to make sure the 51″ Samsung Plasma TV that came with the package was in stock, I found out that it wasn’t.  The man suggested that I get a 50″ Insignia LCD TV for a few dollars less and that would leave me some to spend.  Instead, I found a 55″ Insignia LCD TV on sale for $599, so I added some money and got that instead.  My motto has always been the bigger the better when it comes to TV’s!IMG_4940


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