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TEXAS/ou game

Texas lost, but I made a really cute shirt for the game! It was fun getting to go to the Fair and watch all the TEXAS fans and all the cute UT clothes everyone was wearing!


Graduation Party!!

I never thought I’d be throwing an OU themed party, but everything sure turned out great!! You better believe all the OU stuff came down immediately after the party.  Time to get some UT stuff up in our backyard!!!!

We served cheeseburgers, queso, cake, meat and cheese, and cookies.  Everyone went home full!!

Hook ’em!!

I was so lucky last night to be invited to the UT/Wyoming game!  I love going to the games, but I quit getting season tickets a few years ago because I was missing too many games.  One of my  beautiful friends that used to work with me, who also turns out to be my sorority sister, invited me to last night’s game and to the next one too!! We got there at about 3:00, even though the game was at 7:00. We went to Scholz, took a picture with a huge longhorn, bought a scarf out of a trailer, went to a couple of tailgate parties and then went to the game.

By the time we got to the game, we were so sweaty that my friend ended up buying a new dress at the store in the stadium and changed. We will now refer to her as Beyonce because of the frequent costume changes. All I bought there was a scrunchy to tie up my hair. I was surprised to find out that the store INSIDE THE STADIUM can’t even have the game playing on their big screen TVs because they don’t get the Longhorn Network.

The former curriculum director of my district was there too.  She cracked me up when she told me that she didn’t realize the mascot’s name was Bevo and now the name of Bevo Bucks made much more sense to her.  I just looked at her and told her she was pretty!! After the game several of us went to the UT club and enjoyed queso and fajitas.  I had the best time ever!! I can’t wait to do it again. I think I’ll bring two dresses next week so I can keep up with Beyonce!

Texas!! Fight!! 

My new scarf!

The Happiest Place on Earth

My favorite store in the whole world is the Co-Op.  They have everything and anything you could ever want that is branded with UT logos.  Every holiday, I try to get one of their holiday t-shirts.  I have a friend that says I’m just GIVING them my money, but I think it’s money well spent.  Yesterday, I rushed over to the Co-Op to get my St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts.  I’ll be in Dallas over St. Patty’s day and I don’t know if the Dallas Co-Op would still have them if I waited.  I got a blingy one for me and a normal one for Mike.


I can’t wait to wear my blingy UT shirt to the St. Patty’s day parade in Dallas next week!!

Mike had to have a St. Patty’s Day UT shirt too!

While I was at the Co-Op, I had to look around to see what else they had there.  I’m for sure going to be replacing my UT luggage soon.  I also need to start thinking about summer soon and what kind of swim suit I’m going to want.  I saw this one there that might be perfect!

This one has UT and Leopard.  I’m pretty sure my friend at Definitely Leopard is going to want this suit, too!

Although I have tons of UT clothing items, I really don’t have anything in my house that is UT.  If you wanted to you could decorate your house in all UT stuff, but I really don’t need all that.  However, if I had a kid, I’m pretty sure this is how I would decorate his/her bedroom!

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