Chopstix Wednesday

Tomorrow is Chopstix Wednesday. My friend “Natalia” invented this weekly holiday. The gist of Chopstix Wednesday is that you only eat with chopsticks on Wednesdays, (hmm, pretty self explanatory)! The exception to using chopsticks is that you can eat with your hands if that is the normal way of eating the food, i.e. tacos. You can also use a spoon. You are just not allowed to eat with a fork or any other utensil with tines.

I like the idea of Chopstix Wednesday, because it slows down the food consumption and you eat less. I am extra excited about this week’s experience, because my sister bought me new chopsticks for Christmas! YAY!

“Natalia” created a new group to help keep Chopstick Wednesday alive! Feel free to join and leave your mark on the group site. If you are the first person to comment, email your address and she’ll ship you a brand new pair of chopsticks!
Come and join the fun!


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  1. I thought chopsticks was something you played on a piano.

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