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Backyard Camping

My husband and I love to go camping, especially in this weather!! Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to go right now, so we did the next best thing last night.  We ordered an inexpensive fire pit and a half a cord of wood and set up our mini campsite in our own backyard!  It’s the next best thing!! Layla didn’t love it though and even this morning she wouldn’t go near the fire pit and barked at it, so I had to move it and hide it in the garage! (Click on the link to order your own!)

FIRE! or maybe not

This morning I was violently awakened by a fire alarm in the building at 5:00 a.m.  I’ve only done fire drills at school, so I was deathly afraid that the building was on fire.  I jumped up, put on some shorts, grabbed my phone and ran down the stairs.  I passed my mother who was eating her breakfast and then tapped my dad’s legs to wake him up as I ran out the door.  Every man for himself is what I must have been thinking. I ran outside and across the street to get away from the building.  After finally making it out the building in 30 seconds flat, I looked around and no one else had left the building.  About 3 minutes later, people slowly made their way out and went and sat on the steps to the apartment.  OMG, I’m across the street and they are sitting UNDER the supposed burning building.  My mom finally made it out with her purse and my dad made it out a few minutes later with a cup of coffee.  Finally, the firemen made it here, went through the building and determined it was a false alarm. Well, I guess I’m safe for now and I can now answer the age old question of what would you grab if your house was on fire.

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