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Almost did it all!

Have you ever had so much to do that it just got overwhelming so you get nothing done?  Well that COULD have been my day today, but instead I managed to get almost everything done.  After work I had to run to the Apple Store, go to a PTO meeting, go to a Mary Kay party, color my hair, do some laundry, and pack.  Right now, i’m sitting here writing his blog to avoid packing. I got everything else done.

I pretty much hate packing, it’s is one of my least favorite things to do.  I never know what to bring because I never know what weather to plan for.  This week is even going to be even harder to pack for because I have to two completely different climates to anticipate.  Maybe I’ll just put it off until tomorrow.  If I skip walking in the morning, I could easily get my stuff packed at that time!! I’m pretty sure this is going to stress Mike out, but I think that it’s the least stressful for me.  I’m on overload and I just want to go to sleep now.

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