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Cheese quesadillas

OMG!! I am out of chips, so I can’t make nachos! I almost had to go without dinner tonight until I found tortillas in my fridge. I decided I could make some cheese quesadillas. They are almost as easy to make as nachos and they have CHEESE!! I only had wheat tortillas, so I had to make due, but flour tortillas are better because they get pretty crunchy if you cook them long enough!

Melt butter in a pan

Put a tortilla on top of the butter and add cheese to the top of the tortilla. (You could put meats or veggies on here too, but I just like cheese.)

Put another tortilla on top of the cheese. Cook until brown on one side and then flip it over and get the other side browned.

Cut in to quarters and eat!  Obviously I made 2 quesadillas. I was hungry, ok!?

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