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Headed home!

We had a great vacation! Today was probably my best skiing day! All week I kept looking at the top of the mountain and thinking that I could probably ski it, if I could just get up there. I was really afraid because they don’t use normal lifts to get you up there. They use t-bars. I’ve never been on a t-bar and watching everyone go up the mountain on them made it seem really scary.


My first attempt to get on the t-bar was not successful. I watched Mike fall to the ground as he got on, so I was really nervous. I got a little further but somehow I ended up holding the bar with my hands. I could hear the guy that loads us tell Mike I wasn’t going to make it. I was determined to hold on until I saw how far I would have to hang on, so I let loose and had to ski back down and try again. Mike saw me and got off and we rode up there together.

I was right! I had no problem skiing down this run even though it was a black. Mike had no problem either, until he got to the bottom crossing area. He skied over his pole and ended up in the be careful sign. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt!!



First Day in Breckenridge

Having not skied since 2005 or 2006, I think I had a really great first day of skiing today.  About half of the day was spent getting here, getting skis, getting lockers and stuff like that, but the half we skied, we TORE IT UP!!!!  When we were skiing down the first run, I was whining that my legs were hurting.  I thought I was in better shape than this!! Luckily, after the first run, it all came together.  I guess all those lunges have really paid off!  For some reason my feet are really sore, but I don’t think I’m going to be too sore tomorrow! That’s a good thing, because tomorrow we will be on the mountain all day and we may go night skiing, too!

The very last run of the day, I decided I wanted to challenge myself, so I did a mogul run.  I don’t know why I thought I was a professional skier after almost no sleep and skiing all day, but I did it!  It was a lot of fun, but I think I will limit my mogul runs to about one a day.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted and had a head ache, so instead of going to dinner with the guys, I came home and went to sleep.  I really needed the sleep, but I think I may be regretting that decision at about 2 in the morning when I’m wide awake!


I See Mountains!

We have been driving since 9:00 last night. Mike said he was going to drive 8 hours straight. Two hours in he asked me to drive. I got us through Oklahoma and in to Kansas. When I got lost I decided to give up my turn. I drove about 3 1/2 hours. After that Mike took back over and I slept. Paul is driving the final part of the trip. We made it to Denver so I guess we are about 2 hours away. I think we are going to night ski tonight. I can’t wait!!



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