More Austin Coffee

A couple of weeks ago we tried another new coffee house. We went to a place on Manor Rd. called Clementines. It is a quirky little place with random furniture and artwork. I think it must have been a house that they converted into a business. The coffee was ok, but the people watching made it all worthwhile.

When we got there we saw a guy with a blue shirt, blue jeans and baseball cap. I swear it was Lance Armstrong. Do you think he would come to a seedy neighborhood like this? It turns out that he was running the marathon that day, so it definitely wasn’t him!

Then we saw a strange guy on a weird bike. I don’t even know how to explain him so I won’t even try.

Last and best of all, we watched an older gentleman pull himself onto a U.S. Mailbox. He didn’t make it up on the first try. He makes it on the second try after making some interesting straining faces. I reached for my camera, but just as I get it out, he jumped down as his wife/friend walks up and they went into the coffee shop.

I think I will probably return to this amusing little place.


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  1. What kind of coffee does your dog like?

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