Spider House Coffee

I think that the Spider House is the weirdest coffee place we have been to yet. The Spider House is located very close to the UT campus off of Guadalupe. It is probably an old house with an AWESOME patio. Unfortunately, we were there in the morning and it was too cold for the patio. We decided to sit inside. This place is kind of grungy. I’d have to say it was my least place I’ve been so far. I was there with good company though, so overall it was a very enjoyable exerience!

I was kind of hungry so I asked if they had a breakfast menu. They said all they had was bagels. I’m not really a bagel fan, so I asked to get something on the lunch menu. No, it was too early for that. So anyway, I opted for the bagel. It really wasn’t bad, just not what I wanted.

Their coffee cups are a little smaller than the rest of the places I’ve been. I may go back here for a beer, but probably won’t waste my time there again for coffee.


3 responses

  1. Spiderhouse is my FAVORITE coffeehouse! How dare you!You must try again…..signed-~paramour~

  2. I will definitely try again based on your suggestion. I think I would like it better in the summer when I could sit on the patio area!

  3. Yes back patio is the only way to go … I wouldnt sit inside either!! :)~Kimberlea

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