Jane’s White Elephant Gift Exchange

Saturday night I was invited to a friend’s mom’s White Elephant Gift Exchange Party. I wasn’t too sure what kind of deal this was going to be since I had only met her mom once several years ago. Additionally, the party was out in San Antonio, which is a really long drive. My husband and I were already off to a bad start since we were running late. I was really worried since I would know noone there and I’m suprisingly a little shy when it comes to meeting new people, especially if I’m late.

Right when I walked in, two ladies were at the front of the house and they welcomed me in with open arms. Neither of them were my friend’s mom. They asked if this was the first one of Jane’s parties I’d been too. They told me all about how much fun they were. We went a little further in to the party and I found that there were lots of people enjoying themselves throughout the house.

We sat down to eat dinner and we began talking to an interesting man I’ll call Dean. He was very right-winged in his ideals. I found him to be very strange, but we continued talking to him. He became instant friends with my husband, who entertained his ideas and came up with a few of his own.

Then the white elephant gift exchange began. We were given the rules by a guy that you could tell has never broken a rule to a game in his life. I chose my number and waited for my turn. I was number 8, a terrible number in the WEGE. I decided that I would be the first to steal. I stole some golf balls for my husband. The game progressed and someone stole from me. So I went and got the gift that I had brought, a blanket with snowflakes on it. I made mention that I had brought the gift and the rules guy was visibly upset. When it came time for him to go, he came and stole my blanket. THEN, Mike trying to help me, stole the blanket back for me. At this point, somehow I had the golf balls and Mike had the blanket. The end of the game was near. The number one person got to choose another gift. Number One was the rules guy’s wife. She went and stole the blanket and gave Mike a headband with lights. I didn’t get my blanket. The game was over. HAHA! It was really a lot of fun!

I really had a great time at the party. I love doing the gift exchanges. We’re going to do another one at my work party. I hope I end up with something good this time! 🙂


3 responses

  1. I love the gift exchange games! But, my biggest pet peeve is that soooo many people bring smelly lotions….why??? I hate the smelly-lotion gifts!—yc

  2. What is WEGE?? Number 8 is an incredibly lucky number in chinese culture. People will even avoid houses if the number doesn’t have an 8 or at least add up to 8!

  3. It’s a White Elephant Gift Exchange. I was being lazy!I hope my new address has an 8 now!

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