Juan in a Million

Since I moved to Austin, people have been telling me to try Juan in a Million on Cesar Chavez St. I finally made it there for breakfast over the weekend. It is very modest, no-nonsense looking place. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you would probably keep driving by.

We found out as we went inside that there are actually two buildings and patio seating areas. Since the weather is so nice, we chose to eat on the patio. I ordered something a bit different, since they didn’t have sausage, egg and cheese tacos. Instead I went all out and had bacon, egg and cheese tacos. I was expecting regular bacon, but instead it was a thicker bacon, almost ham-like. Mike ordered the special tacos. They asked if he wanted additional tortillas. He thought that was strange until they brought out his plate. There was SO much food that he didn’t even finish. My friend had the migas. They looked good too.

The place was crowded and I would venture to guess that is the norm for this restaurant. The wait was really short and worth the time!


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  1. Check out Cisco’s (on E 7th I think … google it 🙂 ) Best Migas in Austin … tiny place on the corner. I hear they are super packed, but if you go around noon for breakfast its perfect 🙂 Awesome migas and biscuits!

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