It’s my life!

I’ve been trying to come up with some new ideas of what to blog about. Lately, I haven’t gone anywhere new in Austin. (And, now that we are buying a house, we will be too broke to actually go anywhere anyways!) I got one suggestion in a comment to write about them, but since they are anonymous, I don’t know who they are! LOL!

This week is really a stressful week for me. Today was TAKS, tomorrow I am closing on my house, we’re moving, and this weekend I’m supposed to take some kind of assessment for the doctoral program. Why does everything have to happen at once? It never fails!

The moving would not really be so bad if you didn’t have to get all new utilities services every time. I’m beginning to be a pro at this since this will be my third (and hopefully) final move in one year. It’s crazy that even though I haven’t moved more than 20 miles each time, there have been completely different utility companies at all three places. This means new deposits each move. (I was very lucky in my old house to get to just assume the payments on the utilities that were already there, so I never had to go through this until a year ago!)


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