We finally closed on our house yesterday. Everything went great and I decided that I wanted to stay in the house immediately. We loaded up our truck with clothes and necessities and headed on to our new home. Have you ever noticed how nothing makes your stuff look like crap more than putting it in the back of a truck? Well our stuff was no different. I almost wanted to throw it all away and start over. I won’t, of course, but if I were rich…

We set up our air mattress, put away all the stuff that would fit in our truck, mostly clothes and shoes, then went out to dinner. We have no pots and pans, so we didn’t get to eat in our new home, but it wouldn’t have mattered, we have no refrigerator, table, plates, forks, or anything else for that matter!

We finally went to sleep and proceeded to freeze to death because we don’t know how to work the air conditioner. All in all a great first day/night in the new house! I can’t wait until all our stuff arrives tomorrow!


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