According to Wikipedia, The lunge is a strength training exercise that is used to strengthen the quadriceps musclesgluteal muscles and the muscles comprising the “hamstrings“, the semitendinosus, the semimembranosus, and the biceps femoris. A long lunge emphasizes the gluteals whereas a short lunge emphasizes the quadriceps.

I have become obsessed with doing lunges. I started out doing 10 on each leg every mile I walked and then 20 on the last street up to my house.  Now I’m up to doing 25 every mile and 35 on the last street. I’m doing 135 lunges three days a week!  I hope this has helped get me ready for my ski weekend!


I found this picture on google images.


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  1. Roller Skating is good for ski training too. Fun and gets you used to the motions of gliding too.

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