Barton Creek Mall

It’s 72 degrees outside today in Austin, Texas. The sun is shining.  I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  It’s a beautiful day.  I go to Barton Creek Mall to pick up my new Prada glasses.  While I’m there, I decide to go to Macy’s because my sister has told me that she heard they have Miss Me Jeans on sale.  (I found one style on sale, but they had flap pockets and those don’t look good on me.) Since they don’t have any I like, I look around at all their sale stuff and I find beautiful jackets/coats on sale for $29.00.  I am pretty much obsessed with coats.  It could be 105 degrees out and if I saw a coat I thought was cute, I’d buy it. I find a beautiful brown coat with leopard trim in my size.  It kind of reminds me of my friend whose favorite color is leopard and since I like leopard, too, I have to have it!. I go up to buy the coat and the saleslady tells me they are $59.00.  I don’t really need a coat for that much money, since winter is basically over.  I tell her that they are all on the $29.00 rack, so she lets me have it for that price.  WOOHOO!! SCORE!!!! I may not be able to wear this coat today, but I am now ready for any cold weather we may get for the rest of the Fall!!


3 responses

  1. Of course you know I love that!!!! I wonder if they have any here?? Not that I need another coat but that is sooo cute!

  2. They had them in black too, but not in my size.

  3. Barbara Thomas | Reply

    It is still winter; sometimes March and April are the coldest months.

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