New Running Shoes!

When I got to my parents’ house after the ski trip, I went to get out my tennis shoes and realized that they had been packed in the suitcase that went home. I guess that’s as good of an excuse as any to go out and buy new ones! My mom and I loaded up the baby and rushed over to DSW because she had a $20 off coupon. I looked for a pair of Adidas, but they really didn’t have any that I would want to wear. Since all I have to wear here are Uggs and Cowboy Boots, I didn’t have the option of being picky, so I went ahead and tried out the Asics. I have worn them two times out to the Katy Trail since I bought them and I really like them. Maybe I’ll be changing over for good in the future!



6 responses

  1. They’re CUTE

    1. Love the purple!

  2. I like them! I think most runners like that brand better anyway.

  3. Are they comfortable?

  4. I really like them. I did a 5K in them yesterday and had no issues at all! 🙂

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