A Leisurely Stroll on the Katy Trail

One of my favorite things about staying at my parents’ house is that they live so close to the Katy Trail.  From the American Airlines Center to Knox street is right about six miles.  Most of the trail has that rubberized surface, so it’s much easier on the body than walking on the concrete.  Today I forgot to bring my new headphones, so I had no music, but I had fun “people watching” as I walked.  I saw one lady wearing a skirt and shirt and smoking as she walked, there was a three legged dog keeping up with his family, and numerous women looked like they had probably married well.   One time I was there, I overheard a woman announcing to her friend that she was pregnant.  That one really amused me because she said she hadn’t told her family and one of the ladies she was with said, “I don’t even know you and I feel like I should give you a hug”.  How odd to tell a total stranger before you tell your family!


2 responses

  1. I got a girl pregnant once.

    1. I think that was 4 times.

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