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Jalapeño Sausage Balls

This is a year of creating new Christmas traditions!! My new German Shepherd puppy, Kaizer, finally has all of his shots and is able to go to places that other dogs go.  First stop on Christmas morning was to take him to the Katy Trail for a walk.  While we were out, we noticed that the Katy Trail Ice House had the fire pits going, so after our walk, we went and warmed up by the fire.  I’m not sure if they were open on Christmas day, but they were nice enough to come build a fire and leave water for all the people who exercise on the trail.  Kaiser absolutely loved being out there and greeting all the other dogs.  We have hereby renamed the Katy Trail to the Kaizer Trail and the Katy Trail Ice House is now the Kaizer Trail Ice House.


After the walk on the Katy Trail, we went home and made Jalapeño Sausage Balls.  They were so delicious and will be how we start off all of our future Christmas mornings!! They are SO easy to make and they are SOOOOO good!! I wasn’t sure I’d like the jalapeño in them, so I made half with peppers and half without. From now on I will make them ALL with the jalapeños!!

2 Cups of Bisquick
1 Cup of Cheese
1 lb of browned sausage (I prefer the Hot)
Diced Jalapeños to taste

Combined the ingredients until all the Bisquick is mixed together and there is no dry flour. Roll the mixture in to small balls and put on a cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 for 20 – 25 minutes until brown.


Georgetown Trails

I have been sick for the last couple of days and really had to get out of the house.  I also needed to start exercising again, but didn’t feel like going to Lady Bird Lake in Austin because of all the people. I thought I’d try out the trails out in Georgetown and see how that would be. It turned out to be a great idea. It’s mostly shaded and it’s a really pretty walk.  I went about 5 miles total and really enjoyed the change.  About every .10 mile they had markers, so even if you didn’t walk with Endomondo, you’d still know how far you went.  I really enjoyed the patch on the trail that had markers with random animal tracks going across the cement.  They had raccoon, bear, pheasant, deer, horse, dog and many other fun tracks.  I think they might have jumped the shark with the golf ball tracks, but that’s just me.  There weren’t many people out there so the walk was very pleasant.

The water was really still.  There were families on the side fishing, but I never saw anyone catch anything.

The highlight of my walk was seeing this snake.  At first it was on the side of the trail and I thought it was dead and wanted to poke it.  I turned back to take a picture of it as it was crossing the trail, so it was alive.  I really wanted to know what kind it was.

We were going to go to the famous Monument Cafe, but they said it was a 45 minute wait and I’m sorry, there is no breakfast worth waiting 45 minutes.  We ended up going to some coffee shop on the square, which had the worst coffee I have ever tasted.


I’m getting much better at the Couch to 5K running.  I skipped a couple of runs last week, so I’m still at Week 5 day 2.  Today we ran for 10 minutes, walked 3, Ran 6 minutes, walked 3, Ran 5 minutes, walked 5 for cool down.  I usually continue walking until I finish my 4.25 mile loop. Today the total for me was 5 miles.  For some reason, the app didn’t register Week 5 Day 1, so after I finished day 2, I was messing with my phone to get it fixed and I wasn’t paying attention.  I walked straight in to a car that had parked over the side walk!!  I swear that is one of the things that bothers me most about having a front garage.  People just park anywhere they want.  Now, I know I should be paying attention, but cars really shouldn’t be parked over the sidewalk!! I’m probably going to live, but I did hurt my shin.

Home again!

I’m back in Austin and everything is starting to get back to normal.  The only issue I’m having is with allergies.  They are KILLING me.  I’m afraid I’m going to OD on zyrtec, because I’m taking as much as I can to keep the allergies to a minimum.

Yesterday I didn’t wake up and walk because the allergies were so bad.  I made it a point to exercise in the afternoon.  I’m glad I did, because we went to Lady Bird Lake/Town Lake and walked around there.  I love walking by the water.  Even though there are tons of people there, it is very peaceful.  There are small hills there, too, so it’s a little more of a challenge than walking in the neighborhood.

After walking at Lady Bird Lake, we went to Torchy’s for dinner.  I’m pretty sure Torchy’s is my favorite place to eat.  I got queso and a baja shrimp taco.  YUMMY!! It turned out to be a nice evening.

Back to reality

Well, I’m back in Austin after a nice long weekend!  I really had a great trip to Dallas!  I got to spend a lot of time with my family and friends!  Saturday night, I went to a party at one  of my friend’s house.  There was so much food there it was unbelievable!  Mike brought two appetizers.  One of his friends he grew up with shipped Slovanian Sausage to him from Wisconsin, so he made a little appetizer with that.  I didn’t think I’d like Slovanian sausage, but it was really good.  He also made bris/apple/bacon quesadillas.  These were AMAZING!! I probably ate like 3 of them.  I hope he makes those again.

Sunday, we had a perfect Easter.  We went to breakfast at Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum with my family and then Easter dinner at Mike’s parent’s house.  We had lamb for Easter dinner that was to die for!  I love all the good eating I did!! After I got back to my parents’ house from doing all this eating, I ended up walking on the Katy Trail.  I walked from the American Airline Center to Central Expressway.  It was a little under 8 miles and took me two hours.  After that, I went with another friend to Wing Stop for dinner.  I was afraid to get on the scale today, because I’m sure that was a five pound weekend!! I’ll get back on track this week!

Perfect day!

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.  I started out the day with a walk on the Katy Trail.  That is one of my favorite things to do.  One of these days I want to stop and eat at one of the restaurants they have there.  There are two.  I’ve been to the Katy Trail Ice House once and loved the atmosphere. There is a new restaurant called the Company Cafe that I still have to try.

When I got home, my mom and I went to meet my sister and her family out for lunch.  We chose Maple and Motor as the place to go.  I had been there once before, but no one else had.  It’s a small little burger place at the corner of Maple and Motor Street.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that’s where they got their name.  They have one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.

Later that day, I went and got my hair cut.  I went to Lure over in the West Village.  We watched them as they were building the salon and worried that they weren’t going to make it when they first opened.  That is definitely not the case now,  as they have a loyal following. I barely got an appointment when I called a week in advance.  I can see why they are doing so well, because they really do a great job and they pamper you!  They will offer you a glass of wine while you wait to get your hair cut.  They also have tea and water, but I opted for the wine.

A Leisurely Stroll on the Katy Trail

One of my favorite things about staying at my parents’ house is that they live so close to the Katy Trail.  From the American Airlines Center to Knox street is right about six miles.  Most of the trail has that rubberized surface, so it’s much easier on the body than walking on the concrete.  Today I forgot to bring my new headphones, so I had no music, but I had fun “people watching” as I walked.  I saw one lady wearing a skirt and shirt and smoking as she walked, there was a three legged dog keeping up with his family, and numerous women looked like they had probably married well.   One time I was there, I overheard a woman announcing to her friend that she was pregnant.  That one really amused me because she said she hadn’t told her family and one of the ladies she was with said, “I don’t even know you and I feel like I should give you a hug”.  How odd to tell a total stranger before you tell your family!

Cooper! What Happened!?

When I came home after being gone for a week, I found that Cooper had a growth spurt!  I almost didn’t recognize him!  Even after the 4 miles and 135 lunges that we did this morning, he still wasn’t tired.  I’m not sure how I’m going to keep up with him.  Today he goes to his puppy class, but he missed a week and he had a week of no practice.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to have to take a repeater class.  It’s a good thing he’s so cute!!

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