Georgetown Trails

I have been sick for the last couple of days and really had to get out of the house.  I also needed to start exercising again, but didn’t feel like going to Lady Bird Lake in Austin because of all the people. I thought I’d try out the trails out in Georgetown and see how that would be. It turned out to be a great idea. It’s mostly shaded and it’s a really pretty walk.  I went about 5 miles total and really enjoyed the change.  About every .10 mile they had markers, so even if you didn’t walk with Endomondo, you’d still know how far you went.  I really enjoyed the patch on the trail that had markers with random animal tracks going across the cement.  They had raccoon, bear, pheasant, deer, horse, dog and many other fun tracks.  I think they might have jumped the shark with the golf ball tracks, but that’s just me.  There weren’t many people out there so the walk was very pleasant.

The water was really still.  There were families on the side fishing, but I never saw anyone catch anything.

The highlight of my walk was seeing this snake.  At first it was on the side of the trail and I thought it was dead and wanted to poke it.  I turned back to take a picture of it as it was crossing the trail, so it was alive.  I really wanted to know what kind it was.

We were going to go to the famous Monument Cafe, but they said it was a 45 minute wait and I’m sorry, there is no breakfast worth waiting 45 minutes.  We ended up going to some coffee shop on the square, which had the worst coffee I have ever tasted.


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