The Happiest Place on Earth

My favorite store in the whole world is the Co-Op.  They have everything and anything you could ever want that is branded with UT logos.  Every holiday, I try to get one of their holiday t-shirts.  I have a friend that says I’m just GIVING them my money, but I think it’s money well spent.  Yesterday, I rushed over to the Co-Op to get my St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts.  I’ll be in Dallas over St. Patty’s day and I don’t know if the Dallas Co-Op would still have them if I waited.  I got a blingy one for me and a normal one for Mike.


I can’t wait to wear my blingy UT shirt to the St. Patty’s day parade in Dallas next week!!

Mike had to have a St. Patty’s Day UT shirt too!

While I was at the Co-Op, I had to look around to see what else they had there.  I’m for sure going to be replacing my UT luggage soon.  I also need to start thinking about summer soon and what kind of swim suit I’m going to want.  I saw this one there that might be perfect!

This one has UT and Leopard.  I’m pretty sure my friend at Definitely Leopard is going to want this suit, too!

Although I have tons of UT clothing items, I really don’t have anything in my house that is UT.  If you wanted to you could decorate your house in all UT stuff, but I really don’t need all that.  However, if I had a kid, I’m pretty sure this is how I would decorate his/her bedroom!


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  1. Pretty sure I just threw up in my mouth a little!!! BOOMER!!!

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