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Superheroes on Parade

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love seeing all the great costumes that adults and kids put together.  My school always does a Storybook Character Parade.  This years may have been the best one yet!! Here are some of the cute costumes from this year!


Practicing for the Fourth

Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve started contributing to random parties that I’ve been invited to.  Before that, I just graced everyone with my presence.  Maybe that is why I’m not invited to a lot of parties…hmmmm…. Well, now that I’m becoming domestic, I’ve been trying to remedy that. Fourth of July is coming up, so I get to test my party etiquette. I looked everywhere for a pretty red, white and blue layered alcoholic punch to bring, but I could only find non-alcoholic ones.  So, I decided to make these pretty strawberries instead.  They turned out ok, but I think I can do better on the actual day of the party.


DRY Strawberries
White Chocolate
Blue sprinkles
Vegetable Oil

Put white chocolate and a tiny bit of vegetable oil in a bowl.  (I used too much vegetable oil, so I suggest using it sparingly.)

Microwave the chocolate for about a minute.  Once it’s hot, stir it up until it’s smooth.

Get a bowl of blue sprinkles.  This bowl was too small.  I ended up getting a bigger one and filling it up.  You’ll use more sprinkles than you would think you’d need.

Dip the strawberry in the white chocolate, then dip it in the blue sprinkles, then wait until the chocolate hardens to eat. YUM! I’m pretty sure these will be a hit at the party!!

Pool time

Yesterday was Memorial Day so I was excited about going swimming. Instead of going to our neighborhood pool, we went over to my super athletic friend’s pool downtown. If you don’t have a friend with a pool downtown, I suggest you get one. The people watching is great because almost everyone is good looking at the pool. It was so much fun. We laid out for a few hours, then went across the street to Lamberts happy hour. They have all their appetizers half off. It’s amazing food. I suggest going there for sure.



The Happiest Place on Earth

My favorite store in the whole world is the Co-Op.  They have everything and anything you could ever want that is branded with UT logos.  Every holiday, I try to get one of their holiday t-shirts.  I have a friend that says I’m just GIVING them my money, but I think it’s money well spent.  Yesterday, I rushed over to the Co-Op to get my St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts.  I’ll be in Dallas over St. Patty’s day and I don’t know if the Dallas Co-Op would still have them if I waited.  I got a blingy one for me and a normal one for Mike.


I can’t wait to wear my blingy UT shirt to the St. Patty’s day parade in Dallas next week!!

Mike had to have a St. Patty’s Day UT shirt too!

While I was at the Co-Op, I had to look around to see what else they had there.  I’m for sure going to be replacing my UT luggage soon.  I also need to start thinking about summer soon and what kind of swim suit I’m going to want.  I saw this one there that might be perfect!

This one has UT and Leopard.  I’m pretty sure my friend at Definitely Leopard is going to want this suit, too!

Although I have tons of UT clothing items, I really don’t have anything in my house that is UT.  If you wanted to you could decorate your house in all UT stuff, but I really don’t need all that.  However, if I had a kid, I’m pretty sure this is how I would decorate his/her bedroom!

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