Is anyone else having problems with Pinterest?  I have gone 3 days now without seeing anyone’s pin updates.  I got off Facebook recently and now Pinterest isn’t even working.  Today I started seeing a few pins, but not ones from the people that share the same interests as me.  I hope that means they are trying to fix it. I wish I could see everything I’ve missed over the last few days!!

Also, if there is anyone on wordpress that is also doing amazon associate ads, can you please tell me how to add a widget?  I can’t figure it out and all I get is a link to a deal of the day.  It’s not attractive, so I doubt anyone will ever click on it.  See my side bar if you are wondering what I’m talking about!!

Hope everyone enjoys a Sunday Funday!!


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  1. Pintrest has been slow and quirky this morning. It’s frustrating. Looking forward to going to the Long Center this evening for the free symphony. Just makes the computer problems a blip in my day.

    1. That sounds kind of fun! Maybe we will do that too! 🙂

  2. Pinterest is having problems for me too. Have no idea how to add widgets.

  3. It is a sad day in the world when pinterest isn’t working properly.

  4. I thought everyone had just stopped pinning!

    1. It’s supposedly working now, but I’m not getting much still.

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