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Buffalo plaid and Leopard Print

My two favorite prints are buffalo plaid and leopard print!!  I paired them with a buffalo print vest and jeans with leopard print in the holes. (see second picture).  I got them both at my favorite Rockwall boutique, Divas and Darlings!  


Work Coat

I am obsessed with coats.  This Calvin Klein one is super cute and comfortable. It’s a little heavier than a trench coat, but with the same look. This kept me cozy and warm!  I love it on this cold, windy day!!

Coat (ad):

Super cute white coat

Those of you who know me, know that I am ALWAYS freezing!! I’ve been wanting a new overcoat in white. I found this one for a really great price!! I can’t wait to get it!!

Whit coat:


Cute Coat

Leopard Sweater Day

On a misty day like today, there’s nothing I’d rather wear to work today than this cute leopard sweater!! It is just the right amount of warm and fashionable!! It took a a little longer to get to me than most amazon purchases, but it was worth it!!

Leopard sweater (ad)

Wedding fun

We went to a beautiful wedding last night at Chandler’s Gardens in McKinney.  It is a tree farm, as well as wedding venue.  The beautiful trees served as a gorgeous backdrop to get married! I’d never been to a wedding reception in a tent, but it was very beautiful!!

Now that I’ve hit my goal weight, I was worried about fitting into any of my clothes.  Luckily, I found this dress in my closet that fit ok and had sleeves.  My husband had to keep his pants up with a really tight belt.  First world problems, I know!  But good ones to have when you’re over fifty!! 

Put a cap on drugs

It’s red ribbon week at school and today’s theme is Put a Cap on Drugs!! I love these little CC beanies with the fur pom pom on them! I have several in different colors.  I thought the gray went best with my cute ruffled sleeved shirt from Divas and Darlings in Rockwall.  The shirts come in light pink and gray also.  I love the maroon color best on me, though!  

Outfit of the Day

It’s red ribbon week and we were supposed to wear a red shirt with jeans today.  Unfortunately, school was closed, but I didn’t let that stop me! Here I am with my red shirt!  I love it. It’s a red striped peplum wrap shirt from Loft.  Bonus, it’s on sale and 40% off with the code FRIENDS right now!!  I’ll find another excuse to wear it soon!! I also got this cute Kendra Scott necklace on sale, too!  I already had the earrings to match, which are not shown in the picture.

Shirt  Necklace

Barton Creek Mall

It’s 72 degrees outside today in Austin, Texas. The sun is shining.  I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  It’s a beautiful day.  I go to Barton Creek Mall to pick up my new Prada glasses.  While I’m there, I decide to go to Macy’s because my sister has told me that she heard they have Miss Me Jeans on sale.  (I found one style on sale, but they had flap pockets and those don’t look good on me.) Since they don’t have any I like, I look around at all their sale stuff and I find beautiful jackets/coats on sale for $29.00.  I am pretty much obsessed with coats.  It could be 105 degrees out and if I saw a coat I thought was cute, I’d buy it. I find a beautiful brown coat with leopard trim in my size.  It kind of reminds me of my friend whose favorite color is leopard and since I like leopard, too, I have to have it!. I go up to buy the coat and the saleslady tells me they are $59.00.  I don’t really need a coat for that much money, since winter is basically over.  I tell her that they are all on the $29.00 rack, so she lets me have it for that price.  WOOHOO!! SCORE!!!! I may not be able to wear this coat today, but I am now ready for any cold weather we may get for the rest of the Fall!!

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