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I’ve decided a great Halloween Costume is NOT complete without a tutu!! It seems as though most of the people I work with believe the same thing! Every year our Storybook Parade is better than the last year!!


Superheroes on Parade

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love seeing all the great costumes that adults and kids put together.  My school always does a Storybook Character Parade.  This years may have been the best one yet!! Here are some of the cute costumes from this year!


Storybook Character Parade

My favorite holiday is Halloween! There is nothing more fun than coming up with what you want to be and then going out on the search to find whatever it takes to become that person/thing.  It’s really rewarding when it all comes together!  This year instead of a normal costume parade, we did a Storybook Character Parade! The office staff dressed up as Disney Fairies. I was impressed that people really committed to their characters! Big fun was had by all! I’m so lucky to work with such wonderful people in such a wonderful place!!


Dash Down Greenville

One of the best things Dallas does is the St. Patrick’s Day parade and run. I wasn’t too sure I was going to go this year, but I’m glad I did. This was probably the first time I ever ran a whole 5K. I almost always get tired and have to walk. My friend ran with me and kept me going, so I didn’t want to embarrass myself. At about 2.5 miles, she took off and I could have quit, but I kept going. I got a text telling me I could do it right at about the same time I was about to start walking and that kept me going until I crossed the finish line! Since I ran the whole way, I think it was my fastest 5k, too. I did it in 32.39 minutes. I came in 41/142 in my age division, 2146/4253 overall, 853/2349 in gender. I’m so proud!! Thank you to those of you that helped push me to run the whole thing!!!

Next week is the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  I can assure you I won’t be running all of that!!! 🙂





Butcher paper costumes!

One of my favorite things we do at my school is our annual costume parade!  Every year, our office dresses up in home-made costumes and marches through the halls with the rest of the kids in the school.  The younger students are on parade while the older students pass out candy to them.  Everyone has a great time and the parents even join in the fun!  This year’s costume was one of the easiest to make.  All we used was butcher paper, glue and yarn! We did all of this without patterns or even trying to draw it first.  I can also tell you this is one of the best parades we ever had.  Almost all the kids dressed up and brought candy! It was big fun for all!

The play-doh’s were home made from butcher paper also!

Happy St. Cuban Day!

Had it not been for Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, the annual Dallas, TX. St. Patty’s Day Parade may not have happened this year.  This parade is probably the only cool thing that Dallas does. Austin has a festival/party almost every weekend, but Dallas really doesn’t seem to want to have cool things.  Well, luckily for Dallas, Mark Cuban came to the rescue and helped fund the parade.

I started out the day doing the Dash Down Greenville.  This year I made it about 2.5 miles before I decided I needed to alternate running and walking.  It took me 37 minutes to do the run.  It took Mike 31 minutes and I think Paul did it in 25 minutes.  After the run, they gave away free beer and other swag items that I didn’t really worry to much about.



After we went to the car to change for the parade, we tried to go to the Schlotzsky’s on Greenville, but despite the fact that they door said they opened at 10:30 and there were workers inside, they told us they wouldn’t be open until 2:00.  They must not enjoy making money to be closed on one of the busiest day Greenville Avenue has.  I also think they should have considered putting a sign on the door, but I guess it’s none of my business how they run theirs.

The parade was a blast as usual. We stood at our annual spot and cheered on the “floats” and screamed to get free beads. Every year I think that our group should enter our own float since I haven’t ridden on a float and given the princess wave since college. We only have to find someone who wants to build and store the float somewhere.  Any takers?


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