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We went to a celebratory lunch at the Rustic today. I had what might possibly be the best hamburger I’ve ever had in my life.  They also have bands that play there at night.  I can’t wait to go there on a Friday or Saturday night!  I highly recommend going there!



If you are looking for somewhere to go eat on a Tuesday night, I highly recommend Doc’s.  They have a pan-fried nacho special for $5.00 and it is heavenly!! As much as I LOVE nachos, I never get them when I go out to eat.  My microwave nachos are always better.  I have finally found some that are worth ordering!!  My friends thought I was crazy when I ordered a plate for myself because they didn’t think I could eat them all by myself.  Well, they were wrong!! I ate every last bite and wanted more, they were soooo good!!!  They also have $2.50 beers on Tuesday too, but the nachos make it worth the trip!!

Genghis Grill

My mom and I went to eat at the Genghis Grill on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas tonight.  She had never been there, so we thought it would be a fun place to try together. I really enjoy this place because I am a really picky eater and I get to choose which ingredients I want in my food. Another bonus about this location is that you don’t have to pay for parking. There is a garage underneath the building. The first floor was packed, so we parked on the lower level. The elevator lets out right at the grill. It was odd because we were the only ones in the restaurant when we got there.  I think this place is always packed, but maybe with the holidays no one was out. It was nice to have the place to ourselves.

I learned the hard way that you have to heap the vegetables over the bowl.  I made sure that my bowl would have had food dropping off the plate if I even attempted to add any more food.  I got steak, shrimp, and scallops.

They cook all the food on this big grill.  If you wanted to you could watch them cook your food. We just went and sat down and waited.

This is what my food looked like once it was cooked.  I made two tacos with mine and then took the rest of the food home.  I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow!!

Perfect day!

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.  I started out the day with a walk on the Katy Trail.  That is one of my favorite things to do.  One of these days I want to stop and eat at one of the restaurants they have there.  There are two.  I’ve been to the Katy Trail Ice House once and loved the atmosphere. There is a new restaurant called the Company Cafe that I still have to try.

When I got home, my mom and I went to meet my sister and her family out for lunch.  We chose Maple and Motor as the place to go.  I had been there once before, but no one else had.  It’s a small little burger place at the corner of Maple and Motor Street.  I am going to go out on a limb and say that’s where they got their name.  They have one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.

Later that day, I went and got my hair cut.  I went to Lure over in the West Village.  We watched them as they were building the salon and worried that they weren’t going to make it when they first opened.  That is definitely not the case now,  as they have a loyal following. I barely got an appointment when I called a week in advance.  I can see why they are doing so well, because they really do a great job and they pamper you!  They will offer you a glass of wine while you wait to get your hair cut.  They also have tea and water, but I opted for the wine.

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